Model Legislation

A person shall not knowingly and intentionally manufacture, import, install, reinstall, distribute, sell, or offer for sale any device intended to replace a supplemental restraint system component in any motor vehicle if the device is a counterfeit supplemental restraint system component or a nonfunctional airbag, or does not meet federal safety requirements as provided in Section 571.208 of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

A person shall not knowingly and intentionally sell, install, or reinstall in a vehicle, any device that causes the vehicle’s diagnostic systems to fail to warn when the vehicle is equipped with a counterfeit supplemental restraint system component or nonfunctional airbag, or when no airbag is installed.

DOJ - Philadelphia, PA - 2/9/23 - "Philadelphia Auto-Mechanic Pleads Guilty to Trafficking Hazardous Automobile Airbags from China"

CBP - Minneapolis, MN - 6/15/22 - "CPB Officers in Minneapolis Intercept Counterfeit Car Sensors"

CBP - Philadelphia, PA - 2/2/22 - "Philadelphia Man Charged with Trafficking Counterfeit Airbags from China"

CBP - Philadelphia, PA - 7/21/21 - "Philadelphia CBP Seizes Nearly $300k in Counterfeit Auto Parts from China"

CBP - Cincinnati, OH - 4/14/21 - "Cincinnati CBP Seizes 1,196 Fake Keys, Fobs, Decals Worth $103,101"

BSAC - Washington, DC - 3/23/21 - "Buy Safe America Coalition Applauds Introduction of Legislation to Protect Consumers from Counterfeit and Stolen Products Sold Online"

U.S. Senate - Washington, DC - 3/23/21 - "Durbin, Cassidy, Grassley, Hirono, Coons, Tillis Introduce Bill to Ensure Greater Transparency for Third-Party Sellers of Consumer Products Online"

IPRC - Washington, DC - 11/20/20 - "IPR Center Announces Recipients of 2020 Partnership Awards for Combating Intellectual Property, Trade Fraud Crimes at Inaugural Awards Ceremony"

ICE - Seattle, WA - 12/19/19 - "ICE HSI, Federal Partners Warn Consumers to Beware of Deadly Counterfeit Vehicle Parts Flooding the Market"

CBP - Los Angeles, CA - 11/12/19 - "CBP Foils Attempt to Smuggle Fake Airbags from China at Ontario International Airport"

DOJ - Buffalo, NY - 5/28/19 - "Counterfeit Airbag Supplier Sentenced to Prison"

DOJ - Buffalo, NY - 5/9/19 - "Cheektowaga Man Sentenced for Buying and Selling Counterfeit Airbags"

DOJ - Macon, GA - 4/1/19 - "Thomasville Business Owner Pleads Guilty to Importing and Distributing Thousands of Counterfeit Car Parts"

DOJ - Portland, OR - 8/21/18 - "Sacramento Man Pleads Guilty to Selling Counterfeit Air Bag Covers and Nameplate Badges"

DOJ - Albuquerque, NM - 5/9/18 - "Mexican Nationals Plead Guilty to Trafficking in Counterfeit Goods by Operating Counterfeit Airbag Business in Albuquerque"

DOJ - Springfield, MO - 12/7/17 - "Ozark Man Pleads Guilty to Counterfeit Airbag Scheme"

ICE - Washington, DC - 11/17/17 - "ICE Teams with Industry to Fight IP Theft"

DOJ - Sacramento, CA - 5/31/17 - "Antelope Man Pleads Guilty to Selling Counterfeit Airbags Online"

DOJ - Albuquerque, NM - 5/4/17 - "Mexican Nationals Arrested on Federal Counterfeit Trafficking Charges"

DOJ - Buffalo, NY - 10/24/16 - "Two Men Charged with Importing and Selling Counterfeit Airbags"

DOJ - Spokane, WA - 11/13/13 - "Moxee Man Sentenced to 31 Months in Federal Prison for Selling Counterfeit Airbags on ebay"

FBI - Vancouver, WA - 9/20/13 - "Vancouver Man Sentenced to Prison for Trafficking in Counterfeit Airbags"

FBI - New York, NY - 2/19/13 - "Three Automotive Parts Suppliers Charged in Manhattan Federal Court with Selling Counterfeit Replacement Parts"

ICE - Washington, DC - 10/10/12 - "NHTSA, ICE Alert Consumers to Dangers of Counterfeit Airbags"

DOJ - Chattanooga, TN - 2/16/12 - "Dai Zhensong Sentenced to Thirty Seven Months in Prison for Trafficking in Counterfeit Airbags"

Repairer Driven News - 3/9/23 - "Philadelphia Man Admits to Installing Counterfeit Airbags in Vehicles"

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Jobber Nation - 7/26/21 - "Counterfeit Parts Seizure a Reminder of Ongoing Aftermarket Concern"

The Brand Protection Professional - 3/21 - "How Honda Encouraged More than Half of U.S. State and Local Governments to Fight Against Counterfeit Airbags"

Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (Australia) - 2/19/21 - "Investigation Uncovers Counterfeit Conspiracy"

AGRR - July / August 2020 - "Crack Down: Car Makers Band Together to Stop Glass Counterfeiters"

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Houston, TX - - 2/6/15 - "Brothers Who Bought, Installed Fake Airbags Admit Guilt"

Huffpost - 2/19/13 - "Fake Taxi Parts, including Brake Pads, Sold to New York City Cabs"

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